Tech Consultant
PO Box 254 Amissville, VA 20106

Bruce Geisert

Experienced professional in information technology and web projects and design (for companies, nonprofits, and foundations,
 both in the US and internationally)

Works in Northern Virginia and the
Washington DC area, as well as
internationally on contracts in Africa,
Asia and Europe.

The tools for health and education systems are almost ready to have global impacts.
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Computer technology consultant with a proven record of delivering products and services.  
Experience implementing information systems, and original content, for corporations, non-profits and
foundations both in the United States and Internationally.
Extensive experience in developing and implementing new projects, developing business plans and
teams, and delivering innovative solutions for all activities.

Experienced Professional

Looking at a High Impact project for the future:  A nice Health/Education project in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, and other countries that has potential for the future.

-   Online Education content seems to be up to speed;
-   Health services delivery training in Kenya, and can scale to other countries.
-   GIS and mapping systems seem to work, and can Scale up in the future.
-   Easy links to CDC, ILO, OECD systems for labor.
-   DHIS based with DHIS2 additions.
-   Very nice video training model for Education on cell phone delivery.
-   TB, HIV, and Malaria, and then FAST OUTBREAK reporting for diseases.
-   Brings in SME businesses to work on parts of the project;
-   Connects SME's to the other activities.
-   The project even has a Telecom delivery component for content training.
-   Micro-billing on phones for Fund transfers, and payments.
Proven Results

Senior Adviser for various Executives, Rappahannock Companies, Washington DC, Health, International Education groups, Companies, and Venture Cap firms:

-  I have solid "Non-Disclosure Agreements" (NDA's) with many of these Executives... .
[Contacts available upon request, and approval to release information from NDA's]

Director, Global Learning Portal, Academy for Educational Development
Executive lead for an International, multilingual education portal targeted at educators in developing regions of the world.   
Managed staff for the development and delivery of online educational content-media;
  • Expanded funding from $1 to $10 million,  and team from 2 to 25, to implement internet portal activities;

Video Media and Technology Consultant
Multimedia internet content consultant and producer to meet the need of expanding internet broadband content requirements.  
  • Board of Directors, Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, designed the information systems for the new theater;
  • Technology Consultant/Producer for “Business Now”, ABC channel 7 TV show; 

Senior Broadband Project Manager, America Online
Project lead of AOL’s broadband connectivity strategy/planning group from inception to delivery to 10M users.  
  • Directed staff of 350 for the launch of new broadband systems, and expand to multiple devices and delivery platforms.  

Technology Consultant/President, Software Innovations
Lead IT designer for international projects in developing and implementing information technology components of 
World Bank loans and AED/USAID projects.

  • Maternal/Child Health Loans, India/World Bank, Loan Preparation ($20M); 
  • Family Health Project, World Bank/ADB, Viet Nam ($5.5M for initial project design); 
  • Evaluation of Project Monitoring System: Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, South Africa;
Bruce's Crystal Ball:  Tool integration, rather than coding.